I’ve had bursitis in my right hip for months which is quite debilitating. Although I’ve had acupuncture elsewhere it’s never been very effective. Simon suggested acupuncture for the bursitis a couple of weeks ago and, whilst I was sceptical, it’s been a miracle! Thanks Simon

Anne, Wimbledon

I tripped over and badly hurt my shoulder and was in two minds whether to wait to see an NHS physio or get some urgent help. As two weeks later I was  to travel abroad for a holiday I chose the latter. In that time  Simon Redstone saw me twice. He gave my shoulder a thorough examination and told me what he thought was the problem. He explained everything very carefully and gave me suitable exercises. I was delighted that I  made such a good recovery that I didn’t need a  further appointment.

Patricia, Wimbledon

I’m a 60 yr old New Zealander who lives in West Africa. I was recently in London on business & have an issue with Tennis Shoulder as I play a lot of tennis along with running, cycling & hiking.
I sourced Miles on the internet & what a stroke of luck for me.
This guy knows his stuff big time & being a top sports person himself is very easy to relate to. He taught me new adaptions to stretching routines that I have been doing for years.
His massage technique is up there with the best I’ve had around the globe. If I lived in London; I would use him on a regular basis . Unfortunately can’t afford to fly him to West Africa every 2 weeks!
I have no hesitation in recommending Miles for any sports injury or accident related injury.

Steve, West Africa

Simon was very professional and sorted the issue with some simple exercises for me to do on a daily basis. I only had to have a couple of appointments and now I am back cycling and running with no pain whats so ever!

Emma, Hackney

I was extremely impressed with how quickly Simon diagnosed the issue – following a session of mobilisations and acupuncture and some easy take-home exercises, I ran 18 pain-free miles just 3 weeks later.

Nicola, Sevenoaks

I am pleased to recommend Simon’s services to others.

Noel, Richmond

I was stunned that a short treatment from Simon and subsequent easy, brief daily exercises completely rid me of pain.

Katie, Sussex

After giving birth, I started running like I did before my pregnancy. I eventually hurt my back. When I came to see Simon, I couldn’t move my upper body anymore and was in pain.. Now I feel much better and look forward to each run.

Stephanie, Richmond

I tried a number of physios which helped but didn’t cure the issue. I then went to Simon and after 6 months of regular treatment and the implementation of a focused exercise regime I am finally pain free.

Mark, London

Simon has been a friendly, expert and highly professional source of advice and I was delighted with the speed of my progress and the in-depth analysis of what was causing the issue.

Daragh, Richmond

Physio Central have been invaluable in helping me recover from a severe ankle ligament tear. Simon was positive and encouraging from the outset, helping to allay my fears and getting me back on track.

Gill, Clapham

Throughout treatment Simon demonstrated he was constantly reassessing my progress, tailoring treatment and exercises in line with my recovery. My shoulder is now totally pain free and  the suggested exercises have boosted my strength and confidence the injury will not return, thank you!

Kevin, Richmond