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  In the last month we’ve welcomed several new people to the Physio & Pilates Central tea

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In our blog series looking at groin pain, this time we take a look at hip flexor strains which can p

Bump on your shoulder? Could be an ACJ sprain

The picture above shows the acromioclavicular joint, the ACJ or the bit just up from the should

SLAP tear – a common rugby injury

There’s been some rugby on recently – something we can’t really miss as a Richmond-based b

Overload training – what, why and how

You’ve heard the phrase no pain no gain – and when it comes to training it’s important to

An introduction to shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is one of the more common injuries that physios have to deal with and sometimes pain i

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Ahead of the London marathon on Sunday, here are some last-minute tips from Physio Central to help y

Common cycling injuries

“> With the clocks forward and the weather looking better (mostly), more and more of us are

When to take Anti-inflammatories

If you’ve picked up an injury then the first course of action is often to reach for nurofen or ibu

Static Stretching – is it good for you?

For most of us, static stretching is an essential part of our pre and post-exercise routine, or at l

K tape – does it work?

Football fans (and fans of many types of professional sport) will have noticed more and more athlete

Golfers’ elbow and tips for Ryder Cup fans

Having recently been glued to the Ryder Cup, it seemed like a sensible time to look at a common inju