Pilates – it’s just like riding a bike!

With Pilates, we often speak to people who worry that if they miss a few classes they will lose ever

The importance of working your core

The core – not a slightly dodgy action movie from the 90’s, but an important part of any wor

Pilates on the mat – explaining the basics

As most of our clients and followers know, we offer mat, reformer and chair Pilates at Physio and Pi

Christmas has come early with new Pilates equipment!

We are excited to announce that we are now offering reformer sessions at our Richmond clinic! If thi

The benefits of Pilates after pregnancy

  Every pregnancy and childbirth is  unique. The emotional and physical challenges facing

Pilates During Pregnancy

  Pilates during pregnancy is a fantastic way of exercising safely, targeting the specific musc

Welcome to the latest members of the Physio & Pilates Central team

  In the last month we’ve welcomed several new people to the Physio & Pilates Central tea

How Pilates has helped me

Simon Redstone, Director and Clinical Lead Physiotherapist I’ve been into sport all of my life and

Santa’s back at Physio & Pilates Central – and his back is playing up

Santa was back again this week – the good news is that his knee is fine now but the bad news i

The benefits of Pilates for children

Children ages 5-18 should be taking part in at least 60 minutes ‘aerobic activity’ each day and

What is Pilates and where did it come from?

We recently added Pilates to our range of services at Physio (and now Pilates) Central, including th