Running the London marathon? Some final last-week tips

Ahead of the London marathon on Sunday, here are some last-minute tips from Physio Central to help you get around the course and hopefully even enjoy it!

1. Don’t overdo it this week – it’s tempting to try and get the miles in but follow your plans and don’t take on more than 3 exercise sessions, e.g. 2 short runs and a gym session. Make sure the gym or strengthening session is at least 3 days before the race. For some people, a “loosening” run can be good the day before the race, but no more than 3-5 miles.

2. Don’t try any new foods – you should know a good meal by now to have the night before a long run that doesn’t upset your stomach and this applies for more than just the day before. If you’re not sure, stick to something plain such as vegetarian pasta dishes (no cream) or baked sweet potato. Focusing on foods in the days leading up to the marathon as more important than what you have on the morning – and don’t go too heavy on raceday breakfast!

3. Stretch/roll the night before – especially if you’ve been carrying any aches or pains, make sure you’ve done all you can in the days leading up to the day and don’t expect a can of deep heat on raceday to be of any help.

4. Get there early and be organised – it’s amazing how many people you’ll see rushing to the start line having clearly got up late, got stuck on trains or simply got lost. The last thing you want to be doing is getting stressed and missing out on your pre-race prep so get everything ready the night before and give yourself plenty of time to get there on the day.

5. Enjoy it and good luck from Physio Central!



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