Pilates – it’s just like riding a bike!

With Pilates, we often speak to people who worry that if they miss a few classes they will lose everything they have been taught. But just like riding a bike, you never forget how to use the skills you learned.

We love this quote from Joseph Pilates:

“If you will faithfully follow the instructions, beginning with the introductory lesson, you will without a doubt acquire correct physical fitness with proper mental control.  As you progress in your self instruction, you never have anything to “unlearn”. These exercises will actually become part of your very self, securely stored away forever in your subconscious mind.  You who have learned correctly how to ride a bicycle, how to swim or how to drive an automobile need never worry with respect to the possibility of your failing to use the right technique in these skills. So too the the acquirement and practice of the art and science of Contrology will instil confidence in you that will remain forever for future use.  Then it is simply only a question of “re-toning” the muscles that have in the meantime become “soft” as the result of disuse.”  

~ Joseph H. Pilates, Return to Life

A common question from those who are getting back into Pilates is, “will I have to start all over again.”

While it may take a few classes for the movement patterns, alignment and control to return, think of it like the little wobble you get after sitting on a bike for the first time in years. You might not be as good as you once were, but it quickly comes back!

We can always spot those who have previously done Pilates when they first show up for a class – the body awareness and ability to carry out the exercises with control and precision never leaves you.

So if you’ve had a break from your Pilates sessions then don’t worry! When you’re ready to return your body will remember and you’ll be back to your old exercises before you know it.

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