The role of Pilates in injury recovery

Discovering Pilates – a happy accident

Pilates is something that I actually discovered by accident – or rather as the result of one!

Back in 2012 I hit a patch of ice whilst skiing and knew straight away that it wasn’t a good fall. I’d broken my ankle and, to make matters worse, was in the middle of my first teaching placement at a primary school!

Once out of plaster I was sent for Physio and met Tom at Physio Central Richmond. After weeks of building up strength again things were getting better but impact exercise was out of the question so Tom suggested Pilates. Since then I’ve never looked back.

Not only did my ankle get stronger but so did my whole body. It also helped me relax, focus my mind and left no room for worrying about chores or where the children needed to be at the weekend.

My posture also improved as I became much more aware of how I was sitting, walking or driving and people noticed my new found confidence and relaxation!

So good I changed careers

I later made the difficult decision to leave teaching to focus on quality family time and by this point Tom had taken a break from physio to travel and Simon became my new physio. During our chats the topic of Pilates came up and I mentioned the challenge of finding the right classes, particularly for children.

Thanks to Simon’s encouragement I looked into training as an instructor and just a few years later Pilates is a key part of the Physio Central mix and we have just opened our new clinic in Wimbledon Village – complete with a Pilates studio!

Pilates is something that’s made a massive difference to my life and I’d thoroughly recommend it to everyone. To find out more just take a look at our new website or get in touch.

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