Pilates on the mat – explaining the basics

As most of our clients and followers know, we offer mat, reformer and chair Pilates at Physio and Pilates Central.

Although it might involve less hi-tech equipment, mat Pilates classes remain popular for all ages and we have seen a significant uptake in the number of our male participants.

What equipment do I use in the mat class?

We have a variety of small equipment to increase or decrease the difficulty of a movement, and obviously to make it varied from week to week. Small equipment includes foam rollers, resistance bands, magic circles, weighted balls, gym balls, balance pads and soft balls.

Do I have to use all the equipment?

Absolutely not, the equipment is used as an adjunct and if you prefer not to use it that’s fine, we can modify all our exercises to do without any equipment. That’s the beauty of Pilates!

Simon PilatesCan I buy equipment for use at home?

Yes of course, we can advise you on what you might want to buy and from where you can buy items.

How difficult can mat Pilates get?

At its higher levels, mat Pilates can be extremely challenging when done correctly and can offer a whole body work out. It is a myth that you must advance to the reformer. The reformer just adds even more versatility to the work out and more resistance.

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