Physio tips for Richmond Running festival

With just a few weeks to go until the Richmond Running festival, hopefully training is going well and you’re getting excited about the day itself.

Whether you’re taking part in the half marathon or the 10k, it’s a great route and only just around the corner from Physio Central.

So what should you be doing in these final few weeks? Here’s our tips:

1) Maintain intensity but reduce the volume of training runs.

Your final “long run” should be done by now but do maintain the intensity of interval and strength sessions. Don’t suddenly increase the number of sessions each week and don’t panic if you’ve not run 12-13 miles already.

Stepping up the frequency or distance now could risk injury and that’s the last thing you want – just think about all the cumulative miles you’ve done and you’ll be fine on the day.

2) Stretching – try this programme

Not lots, just a few times a week should be fine and not directly before a run. See our old blog on static vs dynamic stretching to find out more.

3) Sports massage – now’s the time

We’re big fans of sports massage so now’s the time to get sessions sorted. If you’ve never tried before then it might make those last miles that bit more comfortable or help with the recovery.

4) Physio issues – get them addressed

Now is also the time to address any niggles or injuries before they get worse. You may well be fine but with a good few training runs left, taking action now means there’s time to alter plans and build up strengthening work if it’s needed.

5) Plan your nutrition

Don’t try anything during the race that you haven’t used in training and that goes for the meals in the days before as well. Stick to something with plenty of carbs that you’ve cooked and eaten before.

Good luck to everyone taking part and if you’ve got any questions do feel free to leave a comment below or contact us.


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