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What is it?

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that views good, pain-free movement as central to health and well-being. People will often see a physio when they’re in pain. It can originate from many things; joints, muscles, ligaments or discs in the back to name a few.

What differentiates Physio & Pilates Central is that removing the pain is only part of a successful treatment.

We identify the source of the pain along with the reason why the pain happened – then we look at the quickest way of relieving the pain while preventing recurrence.

If you’ve experienced pain for more than a few days we’d recommend booking an appointment. In Richmond and Wimbledon we offer a wide range of physiotherapy services, all of which can be tailored to meet your needs.

Whether you’re training for a marathon or struggling with back-pain at work, our expert physiotherapists can help identify the cause of the problem and put together a plan to help.

Our Richmond physiotherapy clinic is just across the road from the station, and our Wimbledon clinic comes equipped with two treatment rooms and a beautiful, air-conditioned Pilates studio with a peaceful outdoor area for if you just want some time to yourself before or after the class.

If you’re looking for expert advice or physiotherapy in Richmond or Wimbledon then get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

The core of our approach is understanding how the injury or pain happened – and treating the cause as well as the symptoms.

If you’re looking for Richmond physiotherapy then call now to find out how we can help you get back to full comfort and fitness.

At our other clinic, our Wimbledon physiotherapy experts bring years’ of experience in all types of injuries to offer the best service and advice. We offer a full range of physiotherapy services in Wimbledon, from Pilates to sports massage and training advice.

For more information on the different issues we can treat.

If you’re suffering from pain:

  • Call Physio Central on 020 8247 3624 or book online
  • Get an appointment within 48 hours – usually less
  • At your appointment your physio will explain what is causing the pain, why it is painful and how to resolve it.
  • You’ll be treated at your first session, which will usually include both hands on treatment and teaching you exercises to do at home to help with recovery.