New appointment type – a whole hour of physio

We’re pleased to announce a new appointment type – a 1 hour appointment that for those problems that you don’t have time to fully address in half an hour. Available to book now in Wimbledon or Richmond, this new session can help you with a number of different challenges or issues.

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Well first up, this isn’t right for everyone but there are more and more people who would benefit (and several who have requested) this hour of dedicated time.

We can tailor the sessions to focus on a combination of exercise, acupuncture or recovery – whatever suits you.

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The nature of the session will depend on your exact need or challenge, but could include:

  • Going through a gym programme, ensuring maximum benefit. The focus will be on technique and adequate, safe loading, ensuring you have the confidence to safely do your normal gym programme whilst getting the maximum “bang for your buck.” Some people also like to use it as a gym session on a weekly basis, knowing they are in safe hands as well as the aforementioned benefits and any manual treatment can be done as required. You can even book out a 2 hour session should you wish, to really get the maximum exercise benefit as well as massage/any other hands on treatment that may be required
  • Manual treatment + exercise (with the option of acupuncture if it is deemed to be useful)
  • Long standing problematic issues: our clinical lead, Simon, has many years of experience treating people with long standing issues. Often they have been to several health professionals that, unfortunately, haven’t worked for them. There is often a long history associated with this sort of case so the appointment can take some time, hence the hour long session as opposed to the usual half hour appointment. During the session the underlying problem(s) will be identified, explained to you in a way that you understand and strategies to overcome these problems and get rid of your pain for good.

Tell me how much!

Well that’s the good news – the normal hourly rate is £120 but these sessions are available for £92. Just get in touch to find out more or to book.

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