Men’s Pilates. Will “Menlates” catch on?

belly fatNext week is Men’s Health Week. A national initiative to encourage men and boys to seek medical advice for any health concerns and this year the focus is on belly fat.

Belly fat increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, certain cancers and high blood pressure, in addition to sleep apnoea (snoring).

According to the Men’s Health Forum a waist measurement greater than 37 inches or 94 cm increases the risk of all the above, and a waist measurement higher than 40inches or 102 cm puts you at even greater risk. The measurement needs to be taken at the belly button itself, it is not a trouser measurement.

The key messages form this initiative are “move more, eat well and watch the booze”. These seem obvious but, can be difficult to incorporate into our daily lives.

Moving more is a highly effective way to increase overall health and wellbeing both physically and mentally. This doesn’t have to be signing up for a marathon – it can be as simple as walking more and many people find pedometers handy to track their distance and stay motivated.

Or if you prefer more formal exercises sessions, at Physio and Pilates Central we have a men’s pilates class.

Simon PilatesWhen many people think of Pilates they envisage women in leggings breathing on gym balls, which is simply not true. Most elite sportsmen will include Pilates techniques in their regular training – Andy Murray and Cristiano Ronaldo are Pilates fans along with Roger Federer and it’s fair to say it’s working wonders for them!

The time to be intimidated by flexible women in leg warmers is over. Pilates is all about improving movement control and  efficiency. This means it can optimise your golf swing or tennis serve, help with getting power down on the bike or improve running technique. It’s also a great way to feel better after a day of being sat at a desk – a common cause of neck and back pain.


Our Pilates classes are run in small groups and covering all abilities, with instructors there to make sure the exercises work for you and are at the right level. Want to find out more? Get in touch today.

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