Meet physio Samantha


Where did you qualify?

I qualified in 2012 from the Peninsula Allied Health Professions School in Devon. Sadly I don’t have the strong south western accent, but I love this area and return as often as I can. I also studied nutrition for performance straight after completing my degree.

Why did you want to be a physio?

My family has always been involved in caring for others, with my parents owning and running two residential homes which later became nursing homes. I felt as though caring for people’s health and wellbeing was just another part of me.

What makes you a good physio?

My want to always learn, reflect and change. I am always looking to grow in my professional and personal life, that isn’t something you’re taught, it’s just a part of who you are. I believe that education and understanding for everyone I am treating, is of key importance, in order for you to get the most out of your rehab in addition to your treatment.


What would be your key area of interest in physiotherapy?

Well, there is this preconceived idea that Physios wake up one day and know which area of physiotherapy they’d like to specialise in. During my studies and during my time in the NHS, there was never one area that I felt I didn’t like becasue I love learning and have taken skills from every speciality. Of course I love MSK and what I love most about it is that we get to use the skills as they should be. We are qualified to assess, diagnose and treat. But this is something that is removed from our skill set when working within the NHS. So I feel I can use my brain and all aspect of our physiotherapy skills most in this setting. 

Otherwise my keen interests within MSK are women’s health and fitness, paediatrics, neurological conditions, sports injuries, athletic biomechanics and research. I have competed in several sports and have many hobbies, so I have a wide range of knowledge across crossfit, calisthenics, dance, Olympic weightlifting, snowboarding and boxing / kickboxing.

What’s the goal?

That would be telling! For now I would like to continue progressing my clinical skills, continue studying to gain some additional skills to enhance my treatment modalities and continue looking for that ever elusive work life balance 😉

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