How Pilates has helped me

Pilates in action

Simon Redstone, Director and Clinical Lead Physiotherapist

I’ve been into sport all of my life and started really getting into fitness from around my teens. I regularly cycle, try to snowboard a few times a year and have even been known to go for the odd run.

I started Pilates towards the end of 2016 with Suzanne and it’s now a highlight of my week – and I’m not just saying that!

The main benefit I’ve found is what I’d call the ‘skill of movement’ along with improved positional awareness and posture. Not to mention feeling incredibly relaxed after each class!

From a sport perspective I’ve really noticed the difference on the bike. I cycle around 1-200km each week and my position and posture on the bike is so much better now. I’m able to maintain a much straighter back and firmer base (or “core”) to push from.

Pilates box hill PBWhat this means (humblebrag time) is that I’m much quicker and even knocked 20 seconds off my Box Hill PB the other week. It also means I don’t get tightness around my right shoulder.

Everyone seems to have a different story of how Pilates has helped them, from new PBs to feeling more comfortable at work. Why not see what it can do for you?

Come along to one of our classes or we can do one-to-one sessions before joining a class just to find your feet.

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