Expert Private Physiotherapy in Hackney, East London

We treat many people who have been elsewhere with limited success, and the first thing to establish is a diagnosis of what is causing your pain or symptoms. Our team members are screened to the highest standards so that you can be assured of a consistently excellent service.

Take Paul, for example. A former professional triathlete, Paul during had had a nasty fall off his bike during his days as a pro which shattered his collarbone. The collarbone was fixed surgically, but it was 10 years later when he was in clinic with our Clinical Lead, Simon. Paul wasn’t in a huge amount of pain, but he was pretty tough and his main concern was a little weakness in the shoulder when swimming. He had previously seen another physio who had reported a rotator cuff problem, but Paul had been doing his exercises for a long time yet was still experiencing problems. This did not look like a normal rotator cuff issue to Simon, so he referred Paul to a trusted shoulder Consultant. Following an MRI it became apparent that Paul had an almost complete circumferential tear of his glenoid labrum, which is basically like an octopus sucker-type thing connecting the ball to the socket in the shoulder. The subsequent reduced stability had led to a lot of wear and tear in the joint, and the surrounding muscles were now under an even greater demand than usual to provide additional stability. Paul ended up having a couple of operations as well as further rehabilitation with Simon, and he is now back swimming and has even taken up kite-surfing.

Our goal is always to ensure that, by the end of your treatment, you never have to attend for the same problem again. We’ll get on top of the symptoms quickly, then, rather than just giving you home exercises to ‘manage’ the problem, we’ll incorporate exercises into your current life or daily routine, as well as going above and beyond to ensure you are getting the most from your current routines. You may be surprised to see how little you need to do in order to fully resolve problems.

Our physiotherapists have a great track record in helping with a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including complex and unusual ones like Paul’s shoulder, and in many cases this will also negate the need for surgery. If, however, surgery is required, as it was in Paul’s case, we have the expertise to guide you through your post-operative rehabilitation whether for the shoulder, knee, back or whatever else.

What makes our approach so special?
Your initial 45 minute minute appointment ensures we have a full understanding of the problem as well as underlying causes. We will discuss the problem with you, making sure you understand exactly what is causing the pain as well as the treatment approach we plan to take. It also leaves time to start treatment, and you will often notice an improvement by the time you leave the very first session. If you have a long term or complex issue, maybe where you’ve been to many different health professionals but are still having the problem, you can even choose a full hour.

Take Benito, for example. Benito came to see Simon with a very long history of lower back pain. He initially had it as a teenager and it had been on and off ever since, gradually worsening over time. Now in his late 40’s, Benito was almost giving up when he happened to walk past our clinic and decided to drop in for a quick chat and it seemed like something we’d be able to help with. There was a lot of history to get through in the first appointment, so we booked for 1 hour, and it turned out Benito had been to see all sorts of health professionals, from chiropractors and orthopaedic consultants, to physiotherapists and rheumatologists. Additionally he had had an MRI scan, which didn’t show anything particularly relevant clinically, and in fact just showed some false positives or ‘red herrings.’ Unfortunately, no intervention had really seemed to help over the years. We went through the examination, discussed what appeared to be the underlying problems, which essentially was an under-conditioning of his lower back muscles leading to excessive loading of the passive weight-bearing structures in the lower back. Coupled with this was something called central sensitisation, which is basically where the brain becomes hypervigilant due to a previous injury, and pain can be perceived for all sorts of reasons beyond any structural issues or tissue injury; this central sensitisation is actually a lot more common than people might think and can affect anyone and everyone. He also had some hip joint stiffness on both sides that wasn’t helping matters.

Simon discussed all this with Benito, whilst applying some hands on treatment to help ease the symptoms in the early stages, and he was prescribed an exercise programme which was progressed over a number of months. Benito is now, in his own words, “in the best state I’ve been for years and my back feels stronger than ever.” Even a 12km hike through the mountains with a heavy rucksack on proved no problem at all.

Carolina is another example of the versatility of treatment provided by Simon. Carolina came to see him for pain she was experiencing in her knee after twisting when skiing. Following assessment, Simon suspected a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, which is one of the ligaments inside the knee. He referred Carolina for an MRI scan which confirmed the rupture, and Carolina ended up having ACL reconstruction surgery. Simon then expertly guided her through her rehabilitation, but towards the end of her rehab there was a big mental hurdle to overcome – could she ever go skiing again? She felt strong, her balance was good and she was experiencing no pain, but returning to the ‘scene of the crime’ was, and often is, a big step. Simon became counsellor alongside the focus on the more physical aspects of her rehabilitation, and Carolina has since been skiing again with the knee feeling “stronger than ever.”

Hackney Physiotherapy

Our Hackney clinic opened in 2021, on bustling Mare Street, with easy access from the Central Line, London Overground and numerous bus routes.

It is located right next to St Joseph’s Hospice, in a lovely multi-discplinary clinic which was converted from former accommodation that used to house Nuns who worked at the Hospice.

Highest standard physiotherapists working with private health insurers

Our Chartered physiotherapists are all registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. Their wide ranging experience ensures a large repertoire of manual treatment techniques and exercise prescription. We never rest on our laurels – weekly training and development sessions ensures we stay up to date with the latest research, effectively applying evidence-based practice in clinical situations to ensure our patients always receive optimal treatment. We’ll ensure you understand the underlying problem and exactly what treatments are going to be the most effective, ensuring you are in control of the problem as we help to guide you back to full health. We are registered with all major health insurance companies, so you can claim through them if you are insured, and we will sort the rest.

Information and booking
To find out more about some of the conditions we treat, just click here . Booking is simple too and can be done very quickly online. Alternatively call 020 8247 3624 or email us at

We can even call you back if you’d like to discuss your condition before booking in. Just email us and one of our physios will call you back as soon as possible.

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