Five tips for getting fit in the New Year

ManOnRoller1 (1)We’re almost two weeks into the new year and plenty of new year’s resolutions will have already fallen by the wayside. Rather than giving up now, take some time to rethink the training plan with some advice from the team at Physio & Pilates Central.

1) Plan for the minimum

  • A training plan is important, but too often people plan for 5-6 days per week, which is not achievable. Once they miss the target the whole plan gets binned.
  • Plan for the minimum you know you’ll be able to do every week, even if that is only 1 gym session.
  • The psychological benefits of achieving the goal will help you to feel motivated to carry on and you’ll probably find you end up making time for more. Conversely, if you plan for 6 sessions and miss 1, it’s a slippery slope to missing more or giving up altogether.

2) Set a monthly goal

  • Examples could be “lose 2kg by the end of January,”“run 5km without stopping by the end of January” or “cycle up Boxhill in under 8 minutes by the end of January.” If you aim for that last one then the cafe at the top is an excellent reward and you may spot some of the Physio Central team doing just that!
  • Booking a few events can be worthwhile. Things like park run, colour run, triathlons or cycling sportives. We recommend not booking too many initially; 2-3 over the course of a year is a sensible place to start.

3) Get an app

  • There are many fitness apps out there which are useful for tracking exercise as well as calories taken in.
  • Some examples are My Fitness Pal and Run Keeper and a favourite of ours, Strava.
  • As well as keepings track of your workouts, it’s a great way to see what your friends are up to and find new routes.

4) Buddy up

  • Get a friend who is a similar level of fitness and make a plan together
  • It’s much easier to bail on a workout if it’s only you, but if you’re meeting a friend at the gym you won’t want to let them down – it’s just rude!

5) Get checked out

  • Don’t ignore aches. The sooner you get them seen to the better and this can stop them developing into a more severe injury. The last thing you want when you’re getting into training is for an injury to set you back. 

Did we miss anything from our list? Wondering if we can help with your plan for the new year? Get in touch and we’re always happy to help out.


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