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In our last blog we drew on our many years of experience to provide some advice on setting goals 

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A bunion is basically a ‘bone spur’ on the inside of the base of the big toe – the metatar

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The body goes through an incredible amount throughout pregnancy so it’s no surprise that we are of

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An MRI is often considered the ‘gold standard’ of imaging and diagnosing and it’s something th

Always take your medicine

If you’ve ever visited a physio then odds are you’ll have been given a set of exercises to do at

For correct posture and movement – follow a toddler’s example

Today’s blog comes from Physio Central’s newest recruit, Miles Bosoni. Miles is studying to beco

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With around a third of UK adults suffering from lower back pain, a fairly common complaint is a slip

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We have had a request from one of our facebook followers who has asked for some advice on how to avo

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Shoulder pain is one of the more common injuries that physios have to deal with and sometimes pain i

Common cycling injuries

“> With the clocks forward and the weather looking better (mostly), more and more of us are

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If you’ve picked up an injury then the first course of action is often to reach for nurofen or ibu

Fractures and breaks – how can physio help?

Sometimes it can be tricky to think up a topic for the blog, and then there are the times a friend f