Osteoporosis and the benefits of sunshine

Last week included the longest day of the year and the hottest summer solstice for decades

Anyone for Tennis?

We are gearing up for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships here at Physio and Pilates Central, as spec

The low-down on low back pain

Low back pain is one of the leading causes of disability in the UK and most people are affected by i

Men’s Pilates. Will “Menlates” catch on?

Next week is Men’s Health Week. A national initiative to encourage men and boys to seek medic

The benefits of Pilates after pregnancy

  Every pregnancy and childbirth is  unique. The emotional and physical challenges facing

Mental health and exercise

Last week was mental health awareness week and, with a survey from the Mental Health Foundation

Pilates During Pregnancy

  Pilates during pregnancy is a fantastic way of exercising safely, targeting the specific musc

Introducing our new Reformer

  What is a reformer? For people new to the world of pilates, a reformer can look like an intim