Winter is coming – but that’s no excuse!

We’ve all noticed the evenings drawing in and given into the urge to turn on the central heating.

Christmas has come early with new Pilates equipment!

We are excited to announce that we are now offering reformer sessions at our Richmond clinic! If thi

Air quality and exercising outdoors

This week sees the launch of a new air quality campaign, supported by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

Runner’s Knee – what is it and how is it treated?

Runner’s knee or, to give it its more technical name,  patella femoral pain syndrome (PFP

The obesity crisis

Obesity is a growing epidemic and in a newspaper report published last week to mark World Obesi

The impact of a bad night’s sleep

  At Physio and Pilates central a few members of staff have joined the fitness tracking frenzy,

World Heart Day – how to stay healthy

This Friday is World Heart Day. Did you that cardiovascular disease or CVD (which includes heart dis

Why physios are obsessed with the glutes

Recently I was treating a patient, guiding them through exercises to activate her gluteal (buttock)

Exercise and Pregnancy

Can I exercise in pregnancy? In short the answer is a resounding yes, but there are many considerati

Plantar fasciopathy – why your legs might hurt in the summer

  It’s flip flop season and with a change of footwear perhaps you have noticed your calves fe

Talking About Degeneration

What is degenerative disc disease? For one thing, it’s a horrible, scary and nasty term.

What makes us fast?

This week sees the World Athletic Championships hosted here in London and a final farewell to Usain