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Simon Redstone
Director and Clinical Lead Physiotherapist
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Gosia Malyszko
Pilates Instructor 
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Tom Rimmer
Senior Physio
Bike Fit Specialist
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Marco Bevellino
Senior Physio
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Betina Brice
Pilates Instructor 
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Lisabeth Sellers

Lisbeth Sellers
Pilates instructor
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Emma Ählström 
Pilates instructor
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Jon Stubbs

Jonathan Stubbs
Practice Manager
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Samantha Williams
“Senior Physiotherapist”
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Simon Redstone, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy MCSP HCPC MAACP

Simon trained at Brunel University in West London. Since then, he has gained extensive experience in numerous settings and locations from NHS clinics in Surrey to private clinics in Tower Bridge, Ealing and Harley Street.

In 2013, he founded Physio and Pilates Central (formerly Physiotherapy Central). After establishing a clinic in Richmond, the next step was to open the flagship clinic in Wimbledon, which he and Suzanne opened in 2016. The focus is to ensure the highest quality of care and be a renowned centre of excellence for the provision of physiotherapy and Pilates.

Clinically, Simon has worked with athletes in a variety of sports including rugby, jiu-jitsu, weightlifting and football, as well as more casual exercisers and fun-runners.

Simon is extremely passionate about sport and knows as well as anyone the frustration of enforced time off due to injury. His sporting interests include triathlon, rugby, football, skiing and trail running (amongst others), although these days he spends most of his time on a bike or snowboard.

His experience in these sports ensures that he has an excellent understanding of the specific demands of each, and is subsequently able to provide a superb level of treatment and rehabilitation to minimise time out of sport and to reduce the risk of injury recurrence.

As well as sports injuries, Simon has a particular interest in back and neck pain, and the numerous structures and factors that contribute to problems in these areas.

He always ensures that you have a good understanding of the underlying cause of your condition, thus enabling you to do little things to help yourself in addition to the treatment provided.

Gosia Malyszko, Pilates Instructor

From an early age Gosia had a passion for sports. Her first professional discipline was table tennis, in which she participated competitively for many years. After finishing university, she then moved on to teaching others different types of fitness classes.

She discovered Pilates after a knee injury in 2011 and she fell in love with it straight after she took her first class. She decided to follow her new passion and acquired her Pilates teaching qualifications stage I and II in Poland and started teaching in UK after moving here in 2012. Gosia believes that one should never stop learning, which is why she continued her study and transitioned into Body Control Pilates teacher in UK. She also attends many workshops to keep up to date with all the latest news and research.

“For me Pilates is a way of life and I strongly believe it can change lives. The aim in my classes is to show people how to regain the full body health we were born with by teaching them how to move properly – from the centre – using all the muscles that should be used for a particular movement, mobilising all the joints and in doing so, building from the foundations a strong, healthy, flexible body that is free from tension and pain.”

Tom Rimmer, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy MCSP HCPC MAACP

Tom qualified from Keele University, Staffordshire in 2007. On qualifying he worked in the NHS throughout a range of departments gaining a wide range of skills and experiences. He progressed to a senior level specialising in musculoskeletal injuries and has worked extensively in private practice in the last couple of years and has spent time working for a semi-professional football club.

Tom is a keen sportsman competing in triathlons and duathlons. He also enjoys snowboarding and downhill mountain biking. He has had his share of injuries and can sympathise with the frustrations of being injured and looks to get his patients back on their feet as soon as possible. Whether it be returning to serious training or just an injury causing discomfort day to day. As well as treating your condition or injury Tom will look to reduce the risk of injury recurrence giving you confidence to return to your activity.

He is passionate about his job and enjoys the challenge of treating a wide variety of injuries and conditions but has a specialist interest in lower limb biomechanics. This is particularly in relation to running and cycling associated injuries. Tom is able to offer insole fitting and bike fitting and integrates these tools into injury prevention.

Jennifer Fernando, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

Jennifer graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2012. Since graduation she has worked as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in both the NHS and private practice. During this time Jennifer gained a broad range of experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and quickly progressed to a senior level. As well as being part of the team at Physio & Pilates Central, Jennifer currently works as a senior physiotherapist in the NHS.

As a sports and exercise enthusiast Jennifer understands the importance of proper rehabilitation and has trained with The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute and uses a combination of physiotherapy and Pilates to facilitate her patient’s rehabilitation. She also has considerable experience in the area of hydrotherapy and is trained in acupuncture.
Future career plans include a Masters in biomechanics and analysis of movement and the APPI Pilates for Runners module.

As a runner Jennifer has had pretty much every injury possible and can therefore sympathise with the physical challenges of injuries and grading the return to sport.

Outside of work, Jennifer is a keen sportswoman and particularly enjoys running and swimming. She has travelled widely and is looking forward to exploring Southern Africa soon.

Marco Bevellino, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy MCSP HCPC

Marco qualified from La Sapienza University, Rome in 2014. On qualifying he worked in the Neuromed hospital throughout a range of departments gaining a wide range of skills and experiences. After his training he started  work as MSK (musculoskeletal) physiotherapist and he became head physio of a basketball team in his home city.

Since moving to the UK, Marco has worked in a variety of settings for private companies and in leisure centres, where he also provided educational talks to personal trainers and other healthcare professionals.

Marco is a keen sportsman with a history of competing in water polo and swimming. He also enjoys basketball, football and powerlifting. The various challenges and demands in these sports have inevitably meant he has been the injured party himself. This gives him a deep understanding of the frustrations and challenges of taking time off sport, therefore he ensures he doesn’t keep anyone under his care off sport for longer than they need to be.

He is passionate about his job and enjoys the challenge of treating a wide variety of injuries and conditions but has a specialist interest in upper limb biomechanics and walking/gait analysis.

He also knows that the psychological aspect plays a fundamental role in injuries and pain, and his positivity and cheery nature helps to maintain his patients’ motivation through some of the tougher and more arduous parts of rehabilitation.

Betina Brice, Pilates Instructor

Betina started practising Pilates around 2001, and soon began to feel and see the benefits of the Pilates method with improvement to her posture and strength. After her youngest son started schoo,l she decided to train with Body Control Pilates Association (BCPA) and is a Certified Instructor of mat exercises, from beginners to advanced.  Over the years she has completed numerous courses to teach with equipment, and qualified as a Polestar Reformer Instructor in 2015.

Betina is a great believer in the power of movement and how it can change bodies & minds, and she is constantly amazed by the body’s fluidity, beauty, strength & ability.  For Betina, Pilates is about learning to move with freedom and understanding how to make that happen.

Lisbeth Sellers, Pilates Instructor

Lisbeth discovered Pilates through her dance training and teaching in the 1990’s, and found it to be a wonderfully effective training method – not just for rehabilitation, but also for everyone wanting to become strong and supple.

Lisbeth qualified as Body Control Pilates Instructor in 2001 and has over a fifteen years of experience teaching a variety of Pilates matwork classes from beginners to the advanced classical mat. She is also a fully qualified Comprehensive Studio equipment instructor and Reformer teacher with Body Control Pilates.

She is a specialist Instructor level 4 Back4Good Practitioner. She regularly teaches back care classes for the effective care and management of back pain.

Lisbeth has an empathetic approach with her students and is known for her great attention to detail when working with individuals.

Emma Ählström, Pilates Instructor

Emma started her career in the health & wellness industry as a gym instructor and massage therapist. After discovering Pilates and seeing all the benefits and great results it gave her, Emma decided to train as a teacher with Body Control Pilates in London.

She is qualified to teach pre & post-natal clients and has worked especially with many post-natal women, helping them to regain strength & fitness following pregnancy and childbirth.

In Emma’s classes you will build a stronger healthier body, reduce stress & tension and increase your overall wellbeing. Her classes will challenge you whilst being kind on your body. Emma has a warm & friendly approach and she loves getting to know her clients.

“I believe that exercising is one of the best things we can do for both our physical & mental health and I’m very passionate about helping people feel their very best.”

Jonathan Stubbs

Jon grew up in the West Sussex city of Chichester, where he studied social care and specialised in child development. After qualifying he worked for the NHS in a respite facility for children with special needs and those requiring palliative care. After a couple of years and having never left Chichester, he was given the opportunity to move to south London with some friends.

Initially working in Putney as a private Nanny for several years with the same family, he decided it was time for a career change and made the move to High Street retail in the West End, a career that ended up spanning seventeen years. Jon started as a sales advisor working his way up through the company across several areas of the business, before becoming a store manager with one of the company’s more premium brands in Kingston Upon Thames, before the unexpected opportunity arose to join Physio and Pilates Central as Practice Manager.

Samantha Williams, BSc Hons, MCSP, HCPC

Following her graduation in 2012 from the Peninsula Allied Health Professions School in Devon, Samantha spent a year working remotely for a fitness company, providing advice on exercise programs and prehab for those new to the fitness world.

She has since completed 5 years working within the NHS across all key specialities of physiotherapy, with an additional 3 years’ sports massage alongside this.

Samantha has provided physio to high-performance athletes across a wide variety of disciplines, including weightlifting (GB and international athletes), crossfit, dance, rugby, swimming and boxing (The Royal Artillery Boxing Club). Her strong S&C background is enhanced by not only working with, but competing against athletes at a national and international level in a number of sports.

As well as sports injuries, Samantha has a particular focus on hip and pelvic health, women’s health and fitness, and the young athlete. She has ongoing work to improve the accessibility and safety of strength and conditioning for women, and newcomers to S&C. As part of this work, she has hosted an annual female-only charity fitness event for the past six years. Samantha also has a foundation qualification in nutrition for health and performance.

Samantha believes that patient understanding is key to ensure you make the most out of the rehab, and are able to fully support your treatment in the short- and long-term.