About us

At Physiotherapy Central, we believe that successful treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis.

We won’t just identify the problem; we will also assess how and why it started in the first place. This allows us to guide you through the best course of treatment to ensure that you don’t just temporarily “manage” the pain, but that the pain goes away for good.

You may have just a simple muscle strain, but why did it happen? Were there any movement or strength deficits that may have predisposed the injury in the first place? You may have a complex spinal injury and have seen multiple specialists to try out different treatments, but what will really help get rid of the pain?

We have the knowledge and expertise to answer questions like this, and to help you achieve the outcome that you require.

So how do we get such good results?

Following your initial assessment, we will assign you a treatment plan. This will often consist of a combination of:

  • Hands-on treatment, such as soft tissue release techniques, mobilisations, manipulations and western acupuncture
  • Individually-tailored rehabilitation programmes for you to follow.

However, we won’t just give you tons of exercises. Our focus is on quality, not quantity, with the emphasis being on maximising efficacy in the shortest possible time frame, so that you have time to live your life outside of your rehab programme.

The physical and the psychological

We know that recovering from injury is not just a physical process. Pain perception is incredibly complex, and there can be a significant psychological component to injury that can affect your recovery time. In light of this, we will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the injury, its healing process, how long it will take for you to get back to being pain-free and active, and what you can and can’t do in the meantime.

Initial assessment

Your first appointment with us will be longer than the standard appointment. This enables us to gain a full understanding of the complexities of your problem, and to explain it to you. We hope this system means that you don’t feel you’re on a conveyer belt of patients being rushed through the clinic as quickly as possible. This additional time also means that we can begin treatment from day one, with initial hands-on treatment and the development of your personal rehab plan.

Information and booking

For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call 020 8247 3624 or email us at contact@physiotherapycentral.co.uk

You can also follow this link to our simple online booking service.