4 steps to effective training


Putting together a training plan can feel like a daunting task, trying to work out the best balance while keeping yourself motivated. In this blog we look at strength training plans – though you could apply the principals to endurance sports as well.

Strength and conditioning training is more straightforward than many people think – while ‘marginal gains’ might grab the headlines, focussing on the basics can have the biggest impact rather than worrying about the little things.

Cycle triathlonTechnique

This is essential in not just getting the maximum benefit from each exercise, but in reducing your risk of injury. A good example of this would be ensuring that your knees don’t go inwards on squats.


It’s important to find the right balance between challenging yourself to see gains, while ensuring technique doesn’t deteriorate as you carry out each exercise. You need to reach a minimum stimulus in order to see a change in your body – this can relate to intensity or weight.


This could be the number one thing that amatuer athletes (and some pros) don’t get enough of, and it’s essential as part of any training programme. So if, for example, you are training for a triathlon, we’d recommend no more than 3 intense sessions per week, and if you’d like to do other sessions these should be of lower intensity where you can focus on things like technique a little more.


We’ve all made grand plans only to see them fall by the wayside after just a few weeks – and training in peaks and troughs is perfectly normal especially when you’re fitting around work and life. What’s key is consistency. Aim for the minimum amount you think you’ll be able to do each week and stick to it – you’ll see much better results in the long-term than if you plan 6 sessions a week but only last a month.

Wondering about the best training plan for you? Get in touch with the team here and we’d be happy to talk it through or recommend a local personal trainer.

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