The obesity crisis

Obesity is a growing epidemic and in a newspaper report published last week to mark World Obesity Day, it was suggested that the burden of obesity will likely cost trillions worldwide.

Smoking and obesity are believed to be two of the main contributors to increased numbers of cancers, heart attacks, stroke and diabetes. Grouped together, these are often referred to as NCD’s (non-communicable diseases).

According to an article published last week in The Guardian, more than a quarter of adults in the UK (27%) were obese in 2014 and that will rise to 34% by 2025. The cost of treating ill health caused by obesity will top $1.2tn every year from 2025 unless more is done to check the rapidly worsening epidemic.

The issue of obesity is complex and many feel it should be classified as a disease. There are small steps we can all do to reduce the risks such as eating a balanced diet, reducing our alcohol, sugar and saturated fat and exercising more.

Childhood obesity has long been mentioned in the mainstream press but has gained more publicity in recent years due to government interventions such as a tax on sugary drinks and controlling food and beverage marketing aimed at children.

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