Anyone for Tennis?

We are gearing up for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships here at Physio and Pilates Central, as spectators and participators – as if we need any  excuses to drink Pimms, eat strawberries and watch some world class tennis.

From a physio perspective we see many tennis related injuries from shoulders to backs but did you know that tennis elbow does not just affect tennis players?

Tennis elbow is the term commonly given to inflammation of the tendon attaching to the outside aspect of the elbow (the lateral epicondyle). Typically, sufferers complain of pain on gripping things and pain on the outside of the elbow and in the fleshy aspect of the forearm. Many office workers experience tennis elbow symptoms just using their mouse or keyboard repetitively and it’s also something we see in golfers.

The tendon can become inflamed with repetitive loading and this tendon is responsible for extending the wrist.

Most acute cases settle down with anti inflammatories, icing, offloading and protecting the areas, (some people wear a brace) modifying activity and rest. Take a look at our blog on suggested exercises  for golfers’ elbow to see how a similar injury is treated.

In more severe cases symptoms cam continue and this can really affect day to day activities. In these cases, sometimes people under go injections.

It’s a common injury and not just for tennis players – so if you’re worried or are experiencing any of the symptoms, just book in with one of the team.

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