Class descriptions

Reformer Pilates
1:1 (Mat)
Group (Mat)
Children’s Pilates
Ante and Post Natal Pilates

Reformer Pilates (either 1:1 or 2:1)

The reformer consists of a moving carriage, connected to the frame via springs, which can be altered to increase or decrease resistance. The reformer also includes arm and leg straps to work the entire body. Exercises can be performed in all positions, standing, side lying, kneeling and on all fours.
For more information on Reformer Pilates, click here.


Ideal for those new to Pilates or those who need a class tailored to individual needs.


Small group classes of no more than 8 people, ensuring everyone gets lots of individual attention.


5-7yrs 45 minute class
Introducing children to Pilates in a fun way. Each week we embark on an exciting adventure, exploring movement, balance and coordination. This class involves individual matwork, paired exercises and group games.

8-12yrs 45 minute class
Moving towards more individual matwork but still keeping an element of fun. Children will be introduced to the fundamentals of Pilates including breathing, centering and correct alignment. Children begin to develop an awareness of how their body moves and the link between physical activity and good health.

13-16yrs 1 hour class
A modified matwork class including all the features of the classes above, promoting positive self image and self esteem. Exercises are adapted, keeping the developing adolescent body in mind.

Ante and Post Natal Pilates

Pilates during and after pregnancy is an excellent way of exercising safely at a time when your body is rapidly changing or recovering from the efforts of childbirth. It can help reduce back/pelvic pain, strengthen the pelvic floor and aid relaxation.

For more detailed information, check out our Pilates during pregnancy blog.