Sports massage FAQs

What is Sports Massage?

In simple terms a sports massage is a firm massage to improve mobility and help avoid injury, reduce stress and improve physical and mental wellbeing.

This pain and discomfort can then spread to other areas, such as around the back or shoulder.

What’s the difference between sports massage and other kinds?

There is a lot of crossover between massage types and there are always different approaches and techniques – so you need to find a therapist with a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology, who can find a balance between comfort and progress. Have a look at the profile of Miles our sports massage therapist.

Is it just for sports?

Not at all – many of those who regularly use sports massage are working professionals or expectant mothers – as well as those who enjoy sports.

For those who sit at at a desk all day or spend time in the same posture – certain areas become tight and this can build over time.

How often do I need one?

There’s no right answer to this and it depends entirely on the individual and the extent of any issues.
We usually recommend one a month as a good guideline to stop areas of tightness building and developing into other issues.