What is it?

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that views good, pain-free movement as central to well-being.

People will often see a physio when they’re in pain. It can originate from many things; joints, muscles, ligaments or discs in the back to name a few.

What differentiates Physio Central is that removing the pain is only part of a successful treatment.

We identify the source of the pain along with the reason why the pain happened – then we look at the quickest way of relieving the pain while preventing recurrence.

For more information on the different issues we can treat.

How does it work?

If you’ve experienced pain for more than a few days we’d recommend booking an appointment.

While some pain will resolve itself, it’s important to find the source and the sooner you get treated the better.

If you’re suffering from pain:

  • Call Physio Central or book online
  • Get an appointment within 48 hours – usually less
  • At your appointment your physio will explain what is causing the pain, why it is painful and how to resolve it.
  • You’ll be treated at your first session, which will usually include teaching you exercises to do at home to help with recovery.